The preaching of the message of Christ is central to our corporate worship. We do not have a fixed pattern, but always seek for that message to dwell richly among us through songs, readings, prayers, testimonies, multimedia and whatever else is helpful.

We sing songs and hymns, both to express our worship and to teach and encourage one another. We work hard to find songs that support our bible passage or theme. We also place a high value on the doctrine of the songs we sing. We sing mainly contemporary hymns and songs, with those by Stuart Townend, Rend Collective, Keith and Kristyn Getty, Lou and Nathan Fellingham, Bob Kauflin/Sovereign Grace and Matt Redman being typical. We also include many great hymns and songs from the past.

We accompany the singing with a small music group (e.g. piano, guitar, djembe and flute), and aim for an excellence in the music that supports the words.


We separate the leading of services from preaching the sermon, so that these roles are performed by different men. Leaders also seek to include others in the services and so to use and develop everyone’s gifts and to build up the whole body of Christ: both young and old, men and women, members and non-members.

Similarly, it is our practice that all those who preach regularly – ministers, other elders, and other men with recognised preaching and teaching gifts – share in the main teaching programme as determined by the elders. This requires us to agree the bible passages and themes of meetings well in advance and for all preachers to work together so that our teaching is coherent and consistent.


We aim to be accessible and relevant, in particular, to visitors, to those with no church background, to new Christians, and to the young people who attend our meetings.

Sunday mornings usually begin with a time of all-age worship before the pre- and primary-school-age children go out to their own groups for age-appropriate teaching.

We read and preach from the New International Version (NIV 2011), a modern translation of the bible that strikes a good balance of clarity, accuracy and power.